Michael Kurzmeier, 3rd year Phd Digital Humanities @Maynooth University

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Welcome to my site.

I am a third-year Phd student at the Centre for Digital Humanities at Maynooth University. My research interest is hacktivism as a tool in political communication. My thesis investigates political web defacements as a method of contesting online space. I am a recipient of the Irish Research Council Postgraduate Scholarship.

Registration for EWA20 is now open. Click here to purchase tickets for conference and workshop

I will be presenting a paper on my research at the IIPC annual event in Montreal titled Website Defacements: Finding Hacktivism in Web Archives See the draft programme here

This simple page is the continuation of a blog I started in 2017. A few blog entries have been carried over. It will be continuosly expanded to reflect my teaching and learning.